Pizza Passion Categories: cooking

Pizza Passion

This pizza cook is madly in love with Linda. He would like she to kiss him but it won't be easy. Before he must show his skills preparing a delicious pizza.

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Disguise Party Categories: dress up

Disguise Party

The school is organising a disguise party. Linda and her friends would like to go. Help Linda choose the most beautiful disguise to be the queen of the party.

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Sue's Boyfriend Categories: dress up

Sue's Boyfriend

Sue has a date with her boyfriend. They haven't been going out for long, so she's really nervous about the date. Therefore she's asked Linda to help her dress and make up herself, since she is an expert at beauty.

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Tobby Categories: animal


Tobby, Linda's dog, is very nice. There are two wicked dogs in the neighborhood, Bull and Bill, who are always trying to annoy Tobby and his friends. They're throwing them snowballs and our friends are in the minority. Help them give Bulls what they deserve.

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Net Pet Categories: animal

Net Pet

Linda loves animals. She wants to have a new pet, so she has asked her mother for permission. She said it is alright but on condition that Linda has to take very good care of it. Would you like to help her?

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Sonny Categories: animal


Linda's puppy, Sonny, loves running in the city biting every bone he finds along the way. But he is in great danger, the dog's pound men are chasing him because they want to catch him and take him with them. You must help him escape.

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